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Employers, #backoff citizens’ privates. #Legislate

It’s about time we let go of the belief that someone’s “Like” is actually and necessarily a Like.

Most often, it is simply a bookmark.

What’s a bookmark?  At the least, a bookmark is a reminder to look back, and not necessarily at something that you like or support.  he reason for bookmarking could be just the opposite, or any other.

It’s about time we call the private zones of social apps exactly what they are- our private parts.  Thus it is about time the new privacy laws be turned to the company representative abusers who use our private parts against us.

It’s about time to make it illegal for any organization or its representative to even go so far as to search for any citizen’s social pages.  Consequently it is also time to have automated information tactics utilized that would guard against any occurrence of abuse of the system intended to be protective of citizens’ constitutional and civil rights.

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Terrible Tuesday reflections- subconscious level orange & May Day celebrations


After the terrorist attack on the United States  in New York City on September 11, 2001, over a decade ago, the states’ populations came together in a kind of unity I had never experienced, being of a young enough age to have never been involved in any kind of foreign- much less domestic- war.  The attacks on that sunny morning in September shocked an entire population into a state of awareness for each other that was intense and somehow thrilling; however, this heightened state of acknowledgement soon turned into simply an increased awareness OF each other, rather than for.

That began innocently enough, with everyone in a state of fear over another attack.  Then, it was easy to convince most citizens that it should be necessary to encroach further into the privacy of all citizens.  Their own trust in their personal safety had been effectively shattered.  Score- terror tactics.

Is it a wonder why American citizens balk at the idea of their government terrorizing its own attackers (enhanced interrogations controversy), in spite of themselves.


Yet the explanation is simple, and it is encouraging.  A certain percentage are trying very hard to remain ethical creatures of intelligence.  Some of our people are remembering the United States of America and those things for which it stands, despite that their homeland is tread upon by resident enemies, and that some of these have been successful in tearing down it’s beloved structure and in killing thousands of its citizens.  While it is difficult to put any stock in a trust of no torture (WHO can be trusted these days?), it should still be the preferred idea that no land’s government should resort to severe tactics of physical or mental anguish of captives.  There still need to be leaders in the realm of peace and good will in operation.


My realization of our crisis status as a cohesive people of the United States and as a suffering economy did not come until much later than I would have preferred.  The problems seem all too obvious, with no citizen holding many punches.  Poor people are tired of being poor, especially since they’re only becoming poorer AND their opportunity to step up has essentially been removed, referring to the all but gone middle class option.  Granted that the middle class scenario is an yin and yang of opportunity as the global market develops.  What need be remembered is the disparity of income increase between the middle class and the famed 1% that has occurred in the US since 1980.

Part of the mid-classers’ experience today is a more fundamental problem than mere money alone.  Much of this group’s self-worth and value is their willingness, desire, education and skilled experience involved in the innovations and operations of the world.  Yet, right along with the money, also go a hundred small freedoms, according to the 99%.

class values tend to emphasize independence, adherence to intrinsic standards, valuing innovation and respecting non-conformity.  Politically more active than other demographics, college educated middle class professionals are…

~American middle class, wikipedia information 

Add to this the losses of freedom that are sitting on the scruples of America at any given time:

  • Safer airport passing that has come as far as multiple accusations of inappropriate touching, looting and peering.
  • Loss of freedom from being held without charge
  • Loss of legal representation rights

This list goes on.

We celebrate May Day today- and simultaneously Law Day also.

Learn more about the May Day- Law Day relationship…

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and law-free May Day.

Slight name change to the Daily Bliss Pursuit Blog

I’ve had the problem of getting many more views than actual ‘likes’ and other types of feedbacks, SO I thought it’d behoove the crowd and myself, to adopt a more specific blog name in regards to the actual content.

While this blog is still in its infancy, it’s gone on far enough to see that people who are simply searching for a good spa coupon probably shouldn’t bother, and that by my simply adding the descriptive noun ‘writer’ to the title,  I can effectively dissuade the notion.

So, the official announcement:

The blog known as The Daily Bliss Pursuit has changed it’s name on 28 Apr 2012 to reflect a more concise image of what one should expect upon visitation.

The new name for the same blog is,  A Writer’s Daily Bliss Pursuit.

As we all know, for at least a little while, it’ll look much like this on the page:


I’m excited about the change, let me know if I should be!



Under deconstruction: accordance to reason and logic- a work in progress

I am well informed, staying abreast of all the news.  I feel an incredible responsibility to be informed, especially during these loud and sometimes unstable days of current events.  Those of us who are people-watchers are taking note.  The sentiments and expressions of angst today from people covering all walks of life is astounding.  Today’s age of protest differs from the protests of the 60s and 70s in that today there are no peace-mongers. 

Our country has been at war for too many years, and in several dimensions of our American existence:

  • Foreign wars- let’s not keep doing this!
  • Looming domestic wars over several issues, yet again
  • Domestic religious battles- OG!
  • 24/7 Twisted Media Blitz Society (CRAZY war coverage- just the facts, please! No conjecturing on war! “Are our soldiers disoriented”- of course they are!)
  • Ultra-violence in gaming
  • War on women (Give it a rest, it’s the new millenium- doesn’t anybody remember the progressive luminosity of Star-Trek?)

It never fails to be jarringly disturbing, to read anti-feminist viewpoints from fellow women. 

I’ve heard of the problem of some women being afraid of- wary of- taking on the feminist tag- of the possibility of being perceived as the worst kind of feminist. 

Many think me merely a politico, but I rather am mostly a reactive regulator.  I think this is what most journalists are, at their core, and artists alike.  Journalism is itself a kind of art, until it is twisted into unfathomable propaganda.

Anti-femmes of the USA:

  1. Dabbling anti-feminist femmes who really are just anti-feminist femmes to the core,but act like they don’t really have the true sense to actually say so.
  2. Anti-feminist femmes:anti-woman, anti-civil rights, anti-human, likely religious, but not always.
  3. Radical anti-feminist femmes: take action every day to ensure that at least one person’s civil liberties be revoked or squashed.

These are the 3 main-line feminine threats to any woman’s civil liberties and any family’s reproductive and financial health. 


Personal conjecture made public- please link-back if using it as a prompt. 



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