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Visual media, the friendly monster

They say that the most terrible things do not require pictures to  imagine.  I believe this to be true, and also that our media tactics today rely too much on the visual.  However, I am aware that we are all so visually intrigued today- this I believe to be another  affectation of the masculine psyche in power.  Still too I know that had I not been presented with the undesired visuals this morning over my soothing warm coffee and virtually had my day shattered, then I would not be writing this post now.  So, the authors, writers, journalists, bloggers- whatever you’ll call them (us)- they’ve done their job.  Awareness has been raised, with this one person at least, and then so also with others- ripe awareness.

I was set to enjoy my reading on this delightful Saturday morning- coffee out, along with all my usual morning writing comforts, and referring to my usual internet media readers when I realized that the topic for today chosen by many was to be that of female genital mutilation (FGM).  I’ve been aware of this- what I consider to be an horrendous- practice nearly my entire life, as someone born of the early 1970s era and in tune to the world politics of the time.  My first and steady opinion of FGM has been a negative one, strongly ANTI-FGM.  For this, many thanks are due to television news media, as seldom anyone in my family really spoke of politics that I recall.

I cannot deny that this is still a beautiful Saturday morning, and I cannot take personally the offense to the media bash this morning upon my conscience as I viewed my reader feeds.  I will never play those videos, because truly as a woman I do not need to.  But I saw the images.  Didn’t need to, but I did, and my day is changed.  Maybe there are men and women who truly do not understand and can be helped by seeing the practice, and swayed into a different mindset.  Certainly, the more compassionate among men could be video-shocked into the certainty of a wrong practice being done with female genital mutilations, where before they likely may have never thought of it, their educations in life being of such an opposing slant to the educations of women.

Just one point: I’ll bet MANY never realized (until they saw images) that female genitalia mutilation victims were of such an advanced age when they are traumatized by the practice, nor that community males were the ones doing the dastardly deed, nor that their own mother’s held them down.  (Even I had envisioned a party of men trekking to each girl’s house, acting over the mother’s screams of anguish- but NO).

Dear reader, thanks for reading.  I had to just get this off onto some kind of media so I wouldn’t carry it around the back of my  mind all day long.  The writers have done their jobs, the people now act.  That’s the way it goes.  Make change people.

Many thanks to:

Curation. The Counter Jihad Report. AMJA Senior Committee Member, Female Genital Mutilation is an ‘Honor’ per Islam. 27 Apr 2012.  (28 Apr 2012)

Holton, Christopher. Family Security Matters. Misinformation from US Dept of Health about Islam and Female Genital Mutilation. 16 Apr 2012. (28 Apr 2012)

Posts of note:

Muslim brotherhood MP lobbies for FGM

Saudi Savages?

100,000 Women undergo genital mutilation in Britain and some are 10 year-olds.

Questions to consider:

Should one feel any differently about this cultural religious practice if it were done in the female’s infancy?  Why or why not?

How about if any othe aspects of the practice were changed and regulated?


No, this isn’t what all feminists think-

No, this isn't what all feminists think-

Is anyone thinking about the women (besides the misogynists, religious rights or Sandra Fluke)?

The contraception debate is a fantastic event taking place in our present day national collective.  People are entitled to their opinions.  How right or wrong is it that women are basically STILL the fall-back group for disrespect and general abuse?  Egotistical and oppressive, personalities like Rush Limbaugh are not a rare occurrence in today’s world.  How so?  Maybe we’ll count the ways as we go, here on the blog.

What other group of people is being told that they cannot make their own decisions regarding their own bodies?  Keep in mind that we’re discussing American culture here.  Consider what the American’s citizen’s culture has been in the past, where it is today (and where you think it should be), and where it should go tomorrow.  Whether it be a decision on procreation, hormone therapy or acne prevention, the actions taken today- and the things said- that attempt to knock the women’s movement back about 60-90 years, are incredible.

We face many challenges in our world today, and in our own nation where we should be most at home.  The United States of America should be way beyond this kind of rhetoric against women.  Yet almost every day most women are actively experiencing behaviours and attitudes that are tantamount to racism.  Sexism is long from dead.

As a people, Americans have moved beyond racism.  Yes, it exists as sexism still does, but no one is actively- or in quite the same way- taking aggressive political action against the personal and bodily rights of any racial group.  We have moved beyond a collective entertainment of any idea of racial oppression.  It’s there for some maybe, but it’s not allowed- or it is simply too taboo.

Not so for motivations or actions against women.  With women, it’s apparently still so different.  Active manifestations of hate and sexism are again basically allowed.  Aren’t you feeling it getting out of hand?  Perhaps it is because I AM a woman that I am so sensitive to the general sentiment.

They say that what comes around goes around- well, I’m sensing some backsliding.  What to do?

Update: So, someone IS definitely paying attention.  Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough- this is regarding not the US or it’s media, but the BBC>>> The Women’s blog with Jane Martinson

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