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Employers, #backoff citizens’ privates. #Legislate

It’s about time we let go of the belief that someone’s “Like” is actually and necessarily a Like.

Most often, it is simply a bookmark.

What’s a bookmark?  At the least, a bookmark is a reminder to look back, and not necessarily at something that you like or support.  he reason for bookmarking could be just the opposite, or any other.

It’s about time we call the private zones of social apps exactly what they are- our private parts.  Thus it is about time the new privacy laws be turned to the company representative abusers who use our private parts against us.

It’s about time to make it illegal for any organization or its representative to even go so far as to search for any citizen’s social pages.  Consequently it is also time to have automated information tactics utilized that would guard against any occurrence of abuse of the system intended to be protective of citizens’ constitutional and civil rights.

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No, this isn’t what all feminists think-

No, this isn't what all feminists think-

Karen Santorum- separation of …..married ideologies?

Proof positive that it’s hard if not impossible to expect that people will be able to separate your personal ideologies from the actions you’re expected take at a later place in time. 

Can anyone believe that Rick Santorum would “do nothing about birth control” if elected president?  I couldn’t be so certain, but Santorum’s wife, Karen, seemed very certain of it during her interview on Piers Morgan Tonight.  It sounded a little like a guarantee, but nothing was ever signed on-camera.

Piers Morgan’s Karen Santorum Interview, via CNN via Huffington Post.  (clip)

Separation of personal religious belief from political action in office- that’d be surprising, coming from such a far right ideology that is associated not with separation but with integration of personal convictions and political processes- like secularism vs. a church state.

So is this what we can expect?  How do we know?  In the realm of the real world, jobs have been lost for such ideological disclosures from employees.  Although there was a place in time very recently that  considered it an invaluable ethic to be able to separate a personal and inherently selfish belief system from a government of the people, that trait appears to be lost to time.

Discounting Santorum’s own political motivations, what about any new bill proposals- similar to the Blunt Amendment- should he be in office?  Can he be relied upon to stand with his wife’s pronouncement of his intention to leave the issue of birth control alone?  Was this even a genuine assurance? What do you think?  How should we interpret the information at hand?

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