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Visual media, the friendly monster

They say that the most terrible things do not require pictures to  imagine.  I believe this to be true, and also that our media tactics today rely too much on the visual.  However, I am aware that we are all so visually intrigued today- this I believe to be another  affectation of the masculine psyche in power.  Still too I know that had I not been presented with the undesired visuals this morning over my soothing warm coffee and virtually had my day shattered, then I would not be writing this post now.  So, the authors, writers, journalists, bloggers- whatever you’ll call them (us)- they’ve done their job.  Awareness has been raised, with this one person at least, and then so also with others- ripe awareness.

I was set to enjoy my reading on this delightful Saturday morning- coffee out, along with all my usual morning writing comforts, and referring to my usual internet media readers when I realized that the topic for today chosen by many was to be that of female genital mutilation (FGM).  I’ve been aware of this- what I consider to be an horrendous- practice nearly my entire life, as someone born of the early 1970s era and in tune to the world politics of the time.  My first and steady opinion of FGM has been a negative one, strongly ANTI-FGM.  For this, many thanks are due to television news media, as seldom anyone in my family really spoke of politics that I recall.

I cannot deny that this is still a beautiful Saturday morning, and I cannot take personally the offense to the media bash this morning upon my conscience as I viewed my reader feeds.  I will never play those videos, because truly as a woman I do not need to.  But I saw the images.  Didn’t need to, but I did, and my day is changed.  Maybe there are men and women who truly do not understand and can be helped by seeing the practice, and swayed into a different mindset.  Certainly, the more compassionate among men could be video-shocked into the certainty of a wrong practice being done with female genital mutilations, where before they likely may have never thought of it, their educations in life being of such an opposing slant to the educations of women.

Just one point: I’ll bet MANY never realized (until they saw images) that female genitalia mutilation victims were of such an advanced age when they are traumatized by the practice, nor that community males were the ones doing the dastardly deed, nor that their own mother’s held them down.  (Even I had envisioned a party of men trekking to each girl’s house, acting over the mother’s screams of anguish- but NO).

Dear reader, thanks for reading.  I had to just get this off onto some kind of media so I wouldn’t carry it around the back of my  mind all day long.  The writers have done their jobs, the people now act.  That’s the way it goes.  Make change people.

Many thanks to:

Curation. The Counter Jihad Report. AMJA Senior Committee Member, Female Genital Mutilation is an ‘Honor’ per Islam. 27 Apr 2012.  (28 Apr 2012)

Holton, Christopher. Family Security Matters. Misinformation from US Dept of Health about Islam and Female Genital Mutilation. 16 Apr 2012. (28 Apr 2012)

Posts of note:

Muslim brotherhood MP lobbies for FGM

Saudi Savages?

100,000 Women undergo genital mutilation in Britain and some are 10 year-olds.

Questions to consider:

Should one feel any differently about this cultural religious practice if it were done in the female’s infancy?  Why or why not?

How about if any othe aspects of the practice were changed and regulated?


Reader Appreciation Awards

Reader Appreciation Awards.

Feminist bitches suck lemons every day

What exactly is feminism?  Is it merely a movement? 

Feminism is a part of me.  Never a conscious choice, it is a by-product of the times in which I grew up as a child and subsequently matured into adulthood amidst the American culture of the times.  I specify American culture simply because it has been my primary exposure, though, there have been other cultures at play.

I’m fascinated that the feminist state today is as likely to backside as it is to move forward.  My feminist outlook is not only a by-product of the necessary propaganda of past times, it is also a result of the natural and visceral reaction of self-preservation.  The movement itself would not be necessary to instigate my feelings of wrongdoing having been done.

What came first- feminism or the feminist movement?

I meet many women of many types who, when asked, express minimal interest in the ideas of inequality still seen before us today, and experienced by many women still.  Thankfully, I also meet many who are keenly aware of the current climate regarding various male-female paradigms.

My own interest and awareness have never been minimal; however, I am usually loathe to think of risky situations involving women due simply to their sex, or gender.  I try to live in a world envisioned as better, and I often pretend the slights of sexism that I experience never happened.  I never forget them, but this is a kind of fuel for instigating change through awareness.

Preconceived- and even barbaric notions seem to naturally work against (and sometimes for) the feminine gender at all times.   I’ve made acquaintance with many men and had opportunity to chat about some of the issues plaguing women still today (and in the past).   Allow me to clarify that I found, for the most part, men today are quite modern in regard to the issues of feminism.  Like myself and other females in my circle, they are aware of discrepancies and abuses of gender  equality, and they at least put on a good face and show verbal support (lip service?).  I’m curious what the sympathetic men out there are doing to further the cause of equality among genders.

Do you agree with some or any of these perceptions?

Food for thought!  I’m working on a related project.


The Messenger- The Story of Joan of Ark, a slanted movie review

Much skepticism held my heart when started this movie, which stars Milla Jovavich in an impressive role reflective of strength through adversity.  Regarding the portrayal of Joan of Ark, it doesn’t take long to infer a feminist slant to the presentation of events of the this screenplay.  However, let this not be the guiding force that forms your opinion throughout the movie.  It’s a moving account of religious conviction, and various other themes ripe for deconstruction.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Jovovich is on  par with the many seasoned actors of this film.  Faye Dunaway offers a striking performance.  John Malkovich is typical and expected John Malkovich- what an incredible character actor.  I was pleasantly surprised to experiece Dustin Hoffman later in the film.  I’ll have to watch again in order to pick out the (3rd ?) Affleck on the cast.  This film features many familiar faces.

Debatably, the film is red in bloody scenes we’d rather not see; however, pushing through these to the end lends great reward.  It was a brutal time, and the film makers certainly illustrated this fact.  There are very disturbing scenes- not necessarily a film for your young one(s).

This film takes you along a path which you’ll think you understand, and then turns itself upon you with a fury the likes of which we’ve only feared.  An astonishing twist of awareness shocks the viewer into a moving state of self-reflection.  This film, despite its lackluster reviews, comes highly recommended from this movie-goer.

The Messenger- The Story of Joan of Ark, 1999

No, this isn’t what all feminists think-

No, this isn't what all feminists think-

Karen Santorum- separation of …..married ideologies?

Proof positive that it’s hard if not impossible to expect that people will be able to separate your personal ideologies from the actions you’re expected take at a later place in time. 

Can anyone believe that Rick Santorum would “do nothing about birth control” if elected president?  I couldn’t be so certain, but Santorum’s wife, Karen, seemed very certain of it during her interview on Piers Morgan Tonight.  It sounded a little like a guarantee, but nothing was ever signed on-camera.

Piers Morgan’s Karen Santorum Interview, via CNN via Huffington Post.  (clip)

Separation of personal religious belief from political action in office- that’d be surprising, coming from such a far right ideology that is associated not with separation but with integration of personal convictions and political processes- like secularism vs. a church state.

So is this what we can expect?  How do we know?  In the realm of the real world, jobs have been lost for such ideological disclosures from employees.  Although there was a place in time very recently that  considered it an invaluable ethic to be able to separate a personal and inherently selfish belief system from a government of the people, that trait appears to be lost to time.

Discounting Santorum’s own political motivations, what about any new bill proposals- similar to the Blunt Amendment- should he be in office?  Can he be relied upon to stand with his wife’s pronouncement of his intention to leave the issue of birth control alone?  Was this even a genuine assurance? What do you think?  How should we interpret the information at hand?

Usually portrayed as cute and appreciated- Street Harassment- FACTS

Really appreciated finding this article (link bewlow), since I didn’t realize that “street harassment” has actually made the mark and earned a proper name for itself-

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