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Common good vs personal gain or, collective vs individual

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the paradigm of …common good vs. personal gain.  It’s yet another issue of balance.

It is broken and can be fixed.

Or, "Just because you're different doesn't mean you're not useful. Use can be found in any living thing, and arguably any inanimate. The challenge- among living things- is...nothing more than teamwork and consensus."

Points of consideration or debate:

People argue that the common good is at the expense of the individual.  I believe that it does not need to be so.  In order to proclaim that  common good is in fact such, the good must be equally experienced by each individual.

Common good, or equability in human relation, should be a maintained high standard for any individual– painstakingly if necessary.  Yet, to ascertain that it should cost one’s individuality of life and ways in order to be commonly fair, is wrong.


Why should individuality qualify as a defining term in synonymous relations to personal gain?  It shouldn’t, at least in the way of allowing for an individual person to maintain freedom in life in order so that individual person has ability to quantify common good.  So, the term individuality should not be used as an opposing theme to common good.


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