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Slight name change to the Daily Bliss Pursuit Blog

I’ve had the problem of getting many more views than actual ‘likes’ and other types of feedbacks, SO I thought it’d behoove the crowd and myself, to adopt a more specific blog name in regards to the actual content.

While this blog is still in its infancy, it’s gone on far enough to see that people who are simply searching for a good spa coupon probably shouldn’t bother, and that by my simply adding the descriptive noun ‘writer’ to the title,  I can effectively dissuade the notion.

So, the official announcement:

The blog known as The Daily Bliss Pursuit has changed it’s name on 28 Apr 2012 to reflect a more concise image of what one should expect upon visitation.

The new name for the same blog is,  A Writer’s Daily Bliss Pursuit.

As we all know, for at least a little while, it’ll look much like this on the page:


I’m excited about the change, let me know if I should be!




Although I sort of countered this blogger’s post, I really was attempting a complementary tone. The sentiment for this blogger’s “Nearly Wordless Wednesday” this week is a good one, and I especially enjoyed seeing the image and quote- not one I was very familiar with until now.

Template change notice

You’re likely to notice a new profile pic for us here at bliss, and soon I’ll be browsing the pool of templates for the blog.  Keep in mind we’re new here, so there may be the change now and then that’ll make you go, “hmm”!

“Changes”, David Bowie

Color spring- jazz up the season!

The brights are back

Image courtesy, Martin

You’ve likely seen one major department store chain’s Alouet commercials featuring the bold spring color palletts available this season.  Are we feeling the 80’s yet?  Bright’s back, and it’s uplifting to say the least. 

Target’s Alouette rendition, complete

I’m not going to forget the brights in my home this season.  My typical contemporary baroque decorating scheme is beautiful for a luxe, almost stately feel; however, this season should be one for jarring a mind out of it retired winter slumber.  Some new paint on a wall?  Yes! 

Having been huddled by the fireplace the last 2-3 months, I’ve (and we, yes?) absorped terrible quantities of news and journalistic media- most of it troubling.  News and topics on war, enlightening visions of new politicians, and other such marauding visions have taken their toll of many of those in my circle this season- and yours, I know. 

So I had this thought about the new Spring season, and finding bliss.  Not only can we work on finding our own bits of bliss, but we can GIVE BLISS this season.  Give COLOR to someone you love.  There are months ahead of celebration and events- many opportunities to offer color into someone’s life. 

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