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Employers, #backoff citizens’ privates. #Legislate

It’s about time we let go of the belief that someone’s “Like” is actually and necessarily a Like.

Most often, it is simply a bookmark.

What’s a bookmark?  At the least, a bookmark is a reminder to look back, and not necessarily at something that you like or support.  he reason for bookmarking could be just the opposite, or any other.

It’s about time we call the private zones of social apps exactly what they are- our private parts.  Thus it is about time the new privacy laws be turned to the company representative abusers who use our private parts against us.

It’s about time to make it illegal for any organization or its representative to even go so far as to search for any citizen’s social pages.  Consequently it is also time to have automated information tactics utilized that would guard against any occurrence of abuse of the system intended to be protective of citizens’ constitutional and civil rights.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: February, 2012

This is the real enemy of the Christian, and I wish that American christians- evangelicals- would, like you, target their energies toward the proper group.  Here in America- I’ve found- SOME christians are entirely focused on forcing their own regimes upon- THEIR OWN PEOPLE! I’m speaking of the secular christian, trying to live the free life and feeling suffocated and ‘not Christian enough’.  While I very much dislike encouraging ANY negative religious interaction, I can see the NEED to point out to our American fellowes the need to recognize their true religious- or philosophical- enemies.

And readers, don’t make the mistake of tagging whole groups- ever.  Everyone is not the same.  As Americans, we are supposed to recognize this fact, and allow appropriate room for everyone’s freedoms and without persecution to others.


2012 National Feminist Coming Out Day- Radical Rights’ most detested group of human, the Woman

I heard last night that National Feminist “Coming Out” Day will have its celebration on March 8 this year, 2012.  I was surprised at myself, not knowing such a thing.  How had I missed this day over all the years of my life?  Having been born in the early 70’s as the 2nd wave of feminism was going strong, I grew up VERY aware of the plights of women of the world and in my own homeland, throughout history.

Turns out, this national day of recognition was not enacted until very recently, in the year 2010, thanks to a couple of Harvard University groups.     Isn’t it interesting that until 2012 women do not come together in a manner to make this happen.

This forces me to realize that what they say about women, always putting everyone and everything else first before themselves, is horribly true (Isn’t that supposed to be men? Turns out it likely never was).  Why were we LAST as a group to get this accomplished in our nation of supposed advancement and equality?

Remember this- we cannot take care of others unless we take care of ourselves first.  No one can.  Most men know this.  Many women don’t realize it.  Disadvantage?

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