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Private space program rocket launch cancelled

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We’ve heard little regarding the idea of a space program since losing our own in America several years ago.  Now and then though, we see a story covering some private space program in development.  So yes, while the program of national interest no longer itself stokes much passion, there are private pockets in the game for sure.

List of private space flight companies….

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 just missed its debut today, due to an overheated engine.  The flight was spared just in time.

Who here remembers the movie Moon?  I don’t want to do a spoiler here, but I do hope you at least hit the link and read the Wiki on Moon, if you’re unfamiliar with the story.  As a movie, it’s well worth your time to watch.

I think we’re headed quickly toward a Moon sort of future.  Don’t you?


Visual media, the friendly monster

They say that the most terrible things do not require pictures to  imagine.  I believe this to be true, and also that our media tactics today rely too much on the visual.  However, I am aware that we are all so visually intrigued today- this I believe to be another  affectation of the masculine psyche in power.  Still too I know that had I not been presented with the undesired visuals this morning over my soothing warm coffee and virtually had my day shattered, then I would not be writing this post now.  So, the authors, writers, journalists, bloggers- whatever you’ll call them (us)- they’ve done their job.  Awareness has been raised, with this one person at least, and then so also with others- ripe awareness.

I was set to enjoy my reading on this delightful Saturday morning- coffee out, along with all my usual morning writing comforts, and referring to my usual internet media readers when I realized that the topic for today chosen by many was to be that of female genital mutilation (FGM).  I’ve been aware of this- what I consider to be an horrendous- practice nearly my entire life, as someone born of the early 1970s era and in tune to the world politics of the time.  My first and steady opinion of FGM has been a negative one, strongly ANTI-FGM.  For this, many thanks are due to television news media, as seldom anyone in my family really spoke of politics that I recall.

I cannot deny that this is still a beautiful Saturday morning, and I cannot take personally the offense to the media bash this morning upon my conscience as I viewed my reader feeds.  I will never play those videos, because truly as a woman I do not need to.  But I saw the images.  Didn’t need to, but I did, and my day is changed.  Maybe there are men and women who truly do not understand and can be helped by seeing the practice, and swayed into a different mindset.  Certainly, the more compassionate among men could be video-shocked into the certainty of a wrong practice being done with female genital mutilations, where before they likely may have never thought of it, their educations in life being of such an opposing slant to the educations of women.

Just one point: I’ll bet MANY never realized (until they saw images) that female genitalia mutilation victims were of such an advanced age when they are traumatized by the practice, nor that community males were the ones doing the dastardly deed, nor that their own mother’s held them down.  (Even I had envisioned a party of men trekking to each girl’s house, acting over the mother’s screams of anguish- but NO).

Dear reader, thanks for reading.  I had to just get this off onto some kind of media so I wouldn’t carry it around the back of my  mind all day long.  The writers have done their jobs, the people now act.  That’s the way it goes.  Make change people.

Many thanks to:

Curation. The Counter Jihad Report. AMJA Senior Committee Member, Female Genital Mutilation is an ‘Honor’ per Islam. 27 Apr 2012.  (28 Apr 2012)

Holton, Christopher. Family Security Matters. Misinformation from US Dept of Health about Islam and Female Genital Mutilation. 16 Apr 2012. (28 Apr 2012)

Posts of note:

Muslim brotherhood MP lobbies for FGM

Saudi Savages?

100,000 Women undergo genital mutilation in Britain and some are 10 year-olds.

Questions to consider:

Should one feel any differently about this cultural religious practice if it were done in the female’s infancy?  Why or why not?

How about if any othe aspects of the practice were changed and regulated?

More feminist fodder: another group of women being “reprimanded”

So what is this the nuns have gotten themselves up to?

A whole group of adult women are being reprimanded by- essentially- a group of men.  (This is not to suggest that they are not equally reprimanded by a certain citizen population of men and women).  The religious context distorts things drastically.

Do you suppose that it’s about time these ladies be reprimanded?  Seriously, 4 out of 5 of these faithful women are in agreements regarding issues of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  They have apparently been having meetings regarding issues that are at odds with the Vatican and have been under investigation since 2008 (group founded 1956).

Is it a good thing that the Vatican is finally putting their foot down?

“…the reforms will take place over a five-year period, and will involve the approval by the archbishop of every speaker the Leadership Conference has at their public events.”

There are likely to be differing opinions regarding this report, but one thing is certain- stories like these highlight the importance of doing our homework and doing our best to understand all elements of a situation.  It is so important to know history to the best of our ability, and to be able to develop a true sense of right and wrong.


Ohlheiser, Abby. “Vatican Reprimands US Nuns for Radical Feminist Themes.” The Slatest  04-2012. Slate. 04-2012.

“About LCWR.“ Leadership Conference of Women Religious  04-2012.

The new plague- prescription medication for the psyche

Photo courtesy: sixninepixels


The medicated psyche is our new plague, here in the US.  This insidious man-made monster could be primarily responsible for the heightened unrest in this great nation.

Could Rx drugs be the underpinning of our domestic tensions today?

For the longest time, the public has accepted such medications as helpful tools of functionality in what are determined to be an individual’s impossible times of struggle.  Throughout the past we’ve read stories or seen films depicting the tiny destructions of home life due to Rx drug use.  Today, we’re seeing it on a much more visible societal level of unprecedented mass affectation.  The only problem is, only a few are identifying this as our major challenge today.

Prescription medications also a problem in UK, England, Great Britain

Are too many of us are in a fugue state, unaware of the of potential destruction to our own nation and families? 

People, from a place of self-protection, seem to be clinging to their own belief systems in an unusually (though not unprecedented) aggressive state of unrest.  Rich, middle-class and poor alike have access to the mind-bending psychotropic drugs of today.  However, more and more, this is likely to be a problem of the rich who are able and who will be able to maintain health insurance plus financial supplementation for their bad habits.   Now consider the ongoing annihilation of the US middle class, who now are in a huge-loss state of affairs where many are forced to give up the habit.  The effects of this are often deadly.

The drugged dynamics are definitely changing.  Maybe, the best many of us can do right now is to pay attention to everything happening today and- rather than becoming quickly involved and politically active, research- research- research.  There are people who need and benefit from many kinds of prescription medication, including psychotropics.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that those who need and will benefit can still acquire, while at the same time adequately deciphering what would be excess or even unnecessary prescription drug use.

Popular opinion- is it mania, induced by prescriptions?

We all have a duty today- to involve ourselves, on an individual level, in the process of internet and neighborhood communications.  There is much guff on the value of sitting online versus getting out into the community.  However, the reality is that we now have both obligations.  If we’re all present within the internet community in addition to our own communities at home, then we can participate in the immense dialogue taking place across the globe.

Why is it so important today to be involved in our communities at home and the far-reaching internet community?

Take for example the following excerpt of sentiment:

“Is that our” White House” Burning in the picture.If so; we may be in trouble with all this “Hope & Change” .Grab the Garden Hose, I think I Smell” Black Smoke” blowing in the ” Mountain Winds” To many choices — “Muslim” or “Mormon”– .May “ALLAH Bless America”.Sounds different, but it may be a little hard to get used to, Don’t you think. –“Allah Bless you”– We Idahoans may need to save our Change , to purchase guns and ammunition , if that” Black Smoke” keeps blowing our way” Hope & Change” Mormon or Muslim.”

Following is the picture which was being commented on:

Bad Sentiment

Keep in mind that this has not happened.  This is what you call PROPAGANDA.  Many people, especially the young, have not yet learned the meaning of the word.  Propaganda is one of those words that people will hear and use without completely understanding it.  Even when they do, often they do not slow down enough (mania?) to consider when they are faced with some of the most influential- and not necessarily truthful-  information intended to produce a particular political outcome.

Prescription drug induced mania in the US

It’s important to also remember- to slow down enough in personal thought and reflection- that whatever political outcome manifests, we the people must live that life for an undetermined period of time, and possibly forever.

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