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Under deconstruction: accordance to reason and logic- a work in progress

I am well informed, staying abreast of all the news.  I feel an incredible responsibility to be informed, especially during these loud and sometimes unstable days of current events.  Those of us who are people-watchers are taking note.  The sentiments and expressions of angst today from people covering all walks of life is astounding.  Today’s age of protest differs from the protests of the 60s and 70s in that today there are no peace-mongers. 

Our country has been at war for too many years, and in several dimensions of our American existence:

  • Foreign wars- let’s not keep doing this!
  • Looming domestic wars over several issues, yet again
  • Domestic religious battles- OG!
  • 24/7 Twisted Media Blitz Society (CRAZY war coverage- just the facts, please! No conjecturing on war! “Are our soldiers disoriented”- of course they are!)
  • Ultra-violence in gaming
  • War on women (Give it a rest, it’s the new millenium- doesn’t anybody remember the progressive luminosity of Star-Trek?)

It never fails to be jarringly disturbing, to read anti-feminist viewpoints from fellow women. 

I’ve heard of the problem of some women being afraid of- wary of- taking on the feminist tag- of the possibility of being perceived as the worst kind of feminist. 

Many think me merely a politico, but I rather am mostly a reactive regulator.  I think this is what most journalists are, at their core, and artists alike.  Journalism is itself a kind of art, until it is twisted into unfathomable propaganda.

Anti-femmes of the USA:

  1. Dabbling anti-feminist femmes who really are just anti-feminist femmes to the core,but act like they don’t really have the true sense to actually say so.
  2. Anti-feminist femmes:anti-woman, anti-civil rights, anti-human, likely religious, but not always.
  3. Radical anti-feminist femmes: take action every day to ensure that at least one person’s civil liberties be revoked or squashed.

These are the 3 main-line feminine threats to any woman’s civil liberties and any family’s reproductive and financial health. 


Personal conjecture made public- please link-back if using it as a prompt. 




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4 thoughts on “Under deconstruction: accordance to reason and logic- a work in progress

  1. Great post! So glad you found me so I could follow you as well 🙂

    • Thank you- I’m so glad to see you here! I’m looking forward to more of your work- really enjoy reading your perspective.

      These blogs are my mags now and I love it. Best kind of magazines out there- reminiscent of neighborhood pamphlets of the past. Great information and opinion, beauty products, coupons- anything you could find an interest in. (I’ve been thinking of doing one of those neighborhood pamphlets- I wonder how it’d go over) All this, with the opportunity to participate. I’ve been dabbling for years, and now really starting to get very excited about it. See you around!

      • Thanks! I shared your post on FB btw – I have a lot of friends who are very into politics and esp the “War on Women” and they are digging your post 🙂 I am striving for one really solid post per week and just put a new one up yesterday. Would love your feedback! Have a great weekend!

      • GOOD news! Glad to hear about all the digs.

        I’m sure it’s smartest to strive for one solid per week- you’ll have a more tailored look than say my almost journal style (as I’m feeling out the direction here, mostly- I do aim to become more streamlined in some way)

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