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The new plague- prescription medication for the psyche

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The medicated psyche is our new plague, here in the US.  This insidious man-made monster could be primarily responsible for the heightened unrest in this great nation.

Could Rx drugs be the underpinning of our domestic tensions today?

For the longest time, the public has accepted such medications as helpful tools of functionality in what are determined to be an individual’s impossible times of struggle.  Throughout the past we’ve read stories or seen films depicting the tiny destructions of home life due to Rx drug use.  Today, we’re seeing it on a much more visible societal level of unprecedented mass affectation.  The only problem is, only a few are identifying this as our major challenge today.

Prescription medications also a problem in UK, England, Great Britain

Are too many of us are in a fugue state, unaware of the of potential destruction to our own nation and families? 

People, from a place of self-protection, seem to be clinging to their own belief systems in an unusually (though not unprecedented) aggressive state of unrest.  Rich, middle-class and poor alike have access to the mind-bending psychotropic drugs of today.  However, more and more, this is likely to be a problem of the rich who are able and who will be able to maintain health insurance plus financial supplementation for their bad habits.   Now consider the ongoing annihilation of the US middle class, who now are in a huge-loss state of affairs where many are forced to give up the habit.  The effects of this are often deadly.

The drugged dynamics are definitely changing.  Maybe, the best many of us can do right now is to pay attention to everything happening today and- rather than becoming quickly involved and politically active, research- research- research.  There are people who need and benefit from many kinds of prescription medication, including psychotropics.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that those who need and will benefit can still acquire, while at the same time adequately deciphering what would be excess or even unnecessary prescription drug use.


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