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Popular opinion- is it mania, induced by prescriptions?

We all have a duty today- to involve ourselves, on an individual level, in the process of internet and neighborhood communications.  There is much guff on the value of sitting online versus getting out into the community.  However, the reality is that we now have both obligations.  If we’re all present within the internet community in addition to our own communities at home, then we can participate in the immense dialogue taking place across the globe.

Why is it so important today to be involved in our communities at home and the far-reaching internet community?

Take for example the following excerpt of sentiment:

“Is that our” White House” Burning in the picture.If so; we may be in trouble with all this “Hope & Change” .Grab the Garden Hose, I think I Smell” Black Smoke” blowing in the ” Mountain Winds” To many choices — “Muslim” or “Mormon”– .May “ALLAH Bless America”.Sounds different, but it may be a little hard to get used to, Don’t you think. –“Allah Bless you”– We Idahoans may need to save our Change , to purchase guns and ammunition , if that” Black Smoke” keeps blowing our way” Hope & Change” Mormon or Muslim.”

Following is the picture which was being commented on:

Bad Sentiment

Keep in mind that this has not happened.  This is what you call PROPAGANDA.  Many people, especially the young, have not yet learned the meaning of the word.  Propaganda is one of those words that people will hear and use without completely understanding it.  Even when they do, often they do not slow down enough (mania?) to consider when they are faced with some of the most influential- and not necessarily truthful-  information intended to produce a particular political outcome.

Prescription drug induced mania in the US

It’s important to also remember- to slow down enough in personal thought and reflection- that whatever political outcome manifests, we the people must live that life for an undetermined period of time, and possibly forever.


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