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Our hobbies- are our passions- are our fruitfulness

It has been a very busy time the last week or two, especially for someone who is between day jobs (and also between night jobs for that matter).  An incredible amount of work goes in to acquiring that next paycheck.  Sometimes, incredible sums of money seem to be required in order to gain another payment!

Even though I’ve been laboriously working at my laptop for the past 20 hours, I still haven’t found the time to invest updates to my own personal endeavors.  My irregular posting is now making me worry that I’ll let my personal experiment here float into a black hole.  This does irk me.  So it’s been a kick-start.  No matter what, I’m going to have to do this.  This blog is a largely personal exploration, and I’ve already met good friends.  I haven’t been here, and so I’ve missed the grazing of posts I follow- a big nasty no-no, and a past-time I’ve come to look forward to, as I do (still) the Sunday paper- in print.

Hey!  This is life.  This is what we do.  I must illustrate that otherwise, today has been one of the most productive days of my life, creatively, and since adding a career.

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I cannot claim to be changing careers, no-no, not just yet.  It is a slow metamorphosis, yes, but with the one still always so present it is still just a dance between the two.  I am fascinated by how much I learned in one day about editing and publishing both stylish aesthetic web copy and about building web pages.  I never even intended it.  Internet technology has got to be one of the widest spanning skills fields out there today.  Always, to understand one concept, one must learn at least 1 – 2 other concepts or procedures.  It is always something new.

I’ve been accused of a lack of focus, due to the appearance of an inability to commit to one goal.  Another slant on that same trip is this: I’ve been admonished that splitting my desires between two goals is robbing me of huge success at either one.  I am always somewhat stunned, and very puzzled, as to why anyone would venture to question in skepticism the interests- the passions- of another.

Simple existential questions:

What ever happened to having a hobby?

Don’t “they” suggest always having a backup plan?

What is career growth, if not learning to make money- and making it- doing things totally unrelated to your day job?


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3 thoughts on “Our hobbies- are our passions- are our fruitfulness

  1. Video Response 🙂

  2. Yes, I believe that a hobby should be unrelated to your career or work. That is why when I read books, I make sure it is unrelated to my work and when I post on my blog, it is definitely not the same “language” as I speak while I am at work.

    • Thank you for reading and responding.

      I’m impressed with myself simply because I had to go back and review my post in order to respond here. This, only because that means there are enough posts on one blog now to begin to get lost.

      In the past, I’ve tried to get blogs going but have actually been prevented from that due to what I perceived as a lack of time (busy holding regular worldly jobs and at the same time taking on paid writing gigs).

      At this point, I’m amazed and thankful that I was ever able to acquire my first writing tasks without a blog. Instead, I had to perform by creating samples for every interview I had. Scramble scramble.

      For the longest time I stressed over having PAYING jobs in writing, because I envisioned that they were taking me away from any blog I ever tried to get involved with on a personal level.

      It just goes to show that people start in different places, and we all have our different paths to success.

      I always have to smile at the personal posts I make. My favorites are not the introspective ones, although I do really enjoy them from other people. I’m forcing myself to do them now and then- rather than leave all the thoughts packed in my own noggin- because there’s something of great personal value in doing it.

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