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The Messenger- The Story of Joan of Ark, a slanted movie review

Much skepticism held my heart when started this movie, which stars Milla Jovavich in an impressive role reflective of strength through adversity.  Regarding the portrayal of Joan of Ark, it doesn’t take long to infer a feminist slant to the presentation of events of the this screenplay.  However, let this not be the guiding force that forms your opinion throughout the movie.  It’s a moving account of religious conviction, and various other themes ripe for deconstruction.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Jovovich is on  par with the many seasoned actors of this film.  Faye Dunaway offers a striking performance.  John Malkovich is typical and expected John Malkovich- what an incredible character actor.  I was pleasantly surprised to experiece Dustin Hoffman later in the film.  I’ll have to watch again in order to pick out the (3rd ?) Affleck on the cast.  This film features many familiar faces.

Debatably, the film is red in bloody scenes we’d rather not see; however, pushing through these to the end lends great reward.  It was a brutal time, and the film makers certainly illustrated this fact.  There are very disturbing scenes- not necessarily a film for your young one(s).

This film takes you along a path which you’ll think you understand, and then turns itself upon you with a fury the likes of which we’ve only feared.  An astonishing twist of awareness shocks the viewer into a moving state of self-reflection.  This film, despite its lackluster reviews, comes highly recommended from this movie-goer.

The Messenger- The Story of Joan of Ark, 1999


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