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Should democrats reject Bill Maher’s money?

In the interest of thorough feminism, it has been suggested that liberal support from the misogynist likes of Bill Maher, for example, should be rejected.  More specifically, a certain set of folks believe that the democratic party should reject Maher’s money.  This thinking comes from those who have a beef with the fact that republican men are more harangued than democratic men when it comes to their respective slander of women, especially that which is done from their influential public podiums.  Keep in mind that this really also includes those conservative republican women who vote against women’s rights in general, in keeping with their party line.

Powerful and popular democratic and liberal women like Nancy Pelosi, Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem are under fire for having appeared on Maher’s cable TV program without taking opportunity to confront him concerning his public disdain toward women.

Now, I don’t exactly run in these influential circles, but my thought on this is that unless you’re given a ripe opening, you don’t just go on someone’s television program- their turf so to speak- to call them out and humiliate just to make a point.  Especially when, ultimately,  that someone is likely to vote a liberal ticket which is ultimately in your favor.

Think about it:  Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh are both going to call me a bitch.  But I don’t necessarily want to eliminate both of them from my realm.  One votes against me, the other with me- even if only with a party line sort of loyalty.

No, the first group to be most wary of- and therefore raise public awareness of- is the misogynists who are actually guaranteed to vote against a woman’s dignity as a person with her own rights.  This group is the conservative republicans, and many women are included in this demographic.

Regarding the Grand Old Party’s misogynist women: 

GOP women take top place on any self-respecting woman or any reasonable person’s list of people to ‘call out’ for slanderous oppression and to refuse their ‘tainted’ money for campaign success.  The main idea to take away from this commentary is that, “NO, you need not scold your own teammates for their occasional free-speech slurs.  We’re all guilty of that.  There are ways to deal with these issues in particular, and we’ll dedicate a post to that.  For now- do your best to mind your politics.  Don’t shoot your ‘off-white horse’ in the knee.”


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