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Tip- pampered bliss in kitchen duty?

I had this acquaintance several years ago who used to live Pampered Chef.  She’d host her own parties now and then, and at one of these she had free gifts for everyone.  When we opened our little packages, we were presented with small brown squares, about 2″ across.  Each of us received one square, which seemed to be made of plastic.

At first, everyone exchanged glances of puzzled surprise, imagining what the funny little squares could be used for, and probably feeling a little behind for not knowing.  It turns out the simple little squares are outstanding when it comes to ridding difficult food debris from dishes or pans.  They disinfect easily in the dishwasher or in the sink (I use bleach if I send them to the sink).  However, due to their sturdy nylon making, I don’t often find myself concerned with harboring of nasties (The usual hot water and soap usually does the trick).

I still have my square to this day.  It’s in perfect condition, despite regular use.  The ‘square’ is easily one of the most useful and economical gadgets I’ve come across for the kitchen.  Turns out that it’s manufactured of nylon, which is one of the most durable materials such a thing could be made of.  I mean seriously, there aren’t even any scratches on my square. 

Being that this simple kitchen tool had been extremely affordable and useful, I wanted to pass on the information.  Because as we all know, bliss can sometimes be found in the smallest of packages and from the most unexpected sources. 

Item I’m raving about?  #2610 Nylon pan scrapers   —   $2.75

I do not work for or represent The Pampered Chef in any way.


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