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A Husband’s View on Feminine Strength

A Husband’s View on Feminine Strength.


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5 thoughts on “A Husband’s View on Feminine Strength

  1. I do love the WordPress reblog function- this essay ties in well with the current theme of feminism.

  2. I’ve read the post you’ve reblogged. I like what the guy says. I said in my reply to you that I never really knew what to do with feminism. This guy basically tells it as well or better than I could. If by feminism one means that we want women to be happier and more fullfilled and equal with men from a legal standpoint, then I am behind it 120%. But I’ve also come across the feminist that was either just plain mad at all men, or were just trying to say silly negative things about men in order to get a rise out of me. That kind of feminist, I have little patience for. That is the kind that a lot of radicals point to as a true feminist, and using them as a straw dog, they try to claim that “all feminists are the same.” And their not. Just as not all men are the same, and not all Christians are the same.

    • Exactly. The too-common stereotype of a feminist is unacceptable, but it exists and- I believe- is flourishing again. It is difficult to communicate on reasonable terms with those who you’d want to negotiate with if this is the stereotype in their minds, and I think it usually is.

      I enjoyed the piece too. I was impressed with the astute and forthcoming (and brave, frankly) acknowledgement of these ideas. There is not one time I’ve been able to discuss women’s issues with adult colleagues (male), without some remark related to the most unattractive stereotype. Men who will think like that to begin with, and speak up for it, are rare!

      You’re so right- not everybody is the same. Thank goodness for that. Unforunately, there are enough of them alike enough to be successful in certain legislations against women. I guess it’s our job (a 3rd wave?) to make certain it doesn’t get ugly. We women the peacemakers.

  3. Perhaps it is a stereotype, but I do agree that, on average, it seems to be women that are more about making things peaceful. Of coarse, there are exceptions to every rule, bad apples in every cart (and other worn out expressions also apply. I myself would not mind seeing a revival of the more classical elements of early feminism. As for legislation against women….I am no fan of the government at all, right now.

    • I think this wave we’re having now is due to primarily to economic and political events, which seems to make it want to readress the 1st wave as much as the 2nd. You’re right, the workings of govt right now do not make sense! Some of it’s looking up for sure, but all around? BACKSLIDING! 🙂

      Thanks so much! So glad it’s Saturday night- time to get blogging!

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