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2012 National Feminist Coming Out Day- Radical Rights’ most detested group of human, the Woman

I heard last night that National Feminist “Coming Out” Day will have its celebration on March 8 this year, 2012.  I was surprised at myself, not knowing such a thing.  How had I missed this day over all the years of my life?  Having been born in the early 70’s as the 2nd wave of feminism was going strong, I grew up VERY aware of the plights of women of the world and in my own homeland, throughout history.

Turns out, this national day of recognition was not enacted until very recently, in the year 2010, thanks to a couple of Harvard University groups.     Isn’t it interesting that until 2012 women do not come together in a manner to make this happen.

This forces me to realize that what they say about women, always putting everyone and everything else first before themselves, is horribly true (Isn’t that supposed to be men? Turns out it likely never was).  Why were we LAST as a group to get this accomplished in our nation of supposed advancement and equality?

Remember this- we cannot take care of others unless we take care of ourselves first.  No one can.  Most men know this.  Many women don’t realize it.  Disadvantage?


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9 thoughts on “2012 National Feminist Coming Out Day- Radical Rights’ most detested group of human, the Woman

  1. Oh, I’m out. And I suspect most feminists are. But I think it’s a great idea!

    • Personally I do not like the ‘coming out’ catch phrase. I too have been living a strong feminist existence already, as many have. I think today there’s a lack of voice in general. I’m glad to be hearing more now, since Santorum’s got everybody all stirred up.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      • I periodically search the “feminist” topic and see what comes up, to reach out to other feminist bloggers 🙂

      • suppose that’s where I’m at- ?

        I was very young for the 2nd wave- very aware but very young. As an adult for some time I seemed to benefit from all the work others before me had done- all the while taking for granted any current need for work, due to not having to hear about the kind of crap those radical rights are dishing right now. SO, guess it’s got me going on my own little adventure. As I’ve been getting political again this season, my searches and concerns have shifted quite alot from war and economy to the direction of feminism AS AN ACTIVE PURSUIT, as opposed to just imagining it working very well in the background of my life. Due to subtle changes over the last 15-20 years in a lot of areas, I now just feel the NEED to seek out common thinkers. Where I am, they are few and far.

      • Interestin blog you have- avante garde!

      • Thanks. Most people would say I’m an unreconstructed 80’s style feminist. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Mary Daly’s writings really affected me a lot over the course of the past several years. I love a lot of what she has to say. But she’s also a lesbian (yes I’m aware that she’s dead, but the past tense feels wrong there somehow) and found the world such a painful place to be. As I do, too. But I don’t want to find it so painful that I am overly escapist. I don’t think it’s necessary, and I think there is a limit to the usefulness of that.
        I do think I’m somewhat avant-garde in my approach to reproductive matters. I’m not saying it’s good or I’m any kind of expert. But I do want to somehow reconnect with the old, pretty effective ways of birth control that were wiped out in the burning times and repeatedly ever since. Sometimes they come with torches and sometimes with stethoscopes. But the Republicans of today are being very true to patriarchy and to a centuries-old pattern when they want to choice away. When they think they CAN take choice away, and women believe them. I would love to see women really well-educated and empowered both inside and outside the medical establishment.

      • I’m gonna check your blog out more thoroughly this weekend- I didn’t realize that about the older methods of contraceptive and how they were wiped out. So you’ve been in it awhile- when I get a chance I’ll pick up some Mary Daly of my own. I looking forward to reading your blog like a mag! Take Care- Keep in touch-

  2. Well, thanks! I’ve been interested in issues around contraception and abortion for a long time. In college I did a research paper about how the witch hysteria in Europe coincided with the birth of universities and M.D.s– the docs wanted to eliminate the midwives for economic and prestige reasons, and the church backed them up because they wanted to eliminate nonpatriarchal sexuality. (Later, negative experiences with the Pill and doctors led me towards implementing this research on myself.) Mary Daly covers this in terms of her vivid understanding of patriarchy, though as a lesbian she’s pretty deficient in terms of giving a hoot about reproductive issues and being in relationship with men. I’d recommend “Cunt” by Inga Muscio for reproductive issues. And herbalists such as Susun Weed, who are reclaiming wise woman traditions.

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