-working hard for 30 minutes bliss each day-


I am not certain yet if this NEW blog of mine is public.  It probably should not be, since it is so ‘fresh’.  So, if you’re here and thinking to yourself, “Geez, this chic’s blog shouldn’t even be accessible yet- there’s nothing to see!”, well then my answer to you is “Yes, your are correct…..this blog is ‘under construction’.”

Every day I try to find a little bliss.  Do come by- anytime you like.

I’m a writer, so you’re likely to find a treat to read now and then.  I like to be involved in life, so prepare to be ‘invovled’ in some way.

My daily pursuit of bliss is likely to bring you a gem or two now and then.

Only those who climb the mountain are likely to see the top.




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