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Dispatch 2: Brighton

Brighton sounds- and looks wonderful. Thanks for the post! I couldn’t resist the intriguing pic of very artistic leisure form at the beach- so wish I were reclining there now…

Into the woods, with chai

Right after work on Friday, I hopped on a train to Brighton. For 20 quid (around $30 Cnd) I got a return ticket. It only takes one hour to get there. Once I arrived I was greeted by a cool whiff of sea breeze.

Brighton was once known as a resort town where many people flocked having heard that salt water could cure all manner of ailments. Today it’s known perhaps more as a party town with its fair share of hippies, hipsters, artists and international students.

For me, the whole trip was summed up by this: I was at a dorm party and a young man with long dreadlocks and MC Hammer-style pants pulled a flute out of his bag and started playing it, to the slight horror and amusement of the beer-drinking guests. A Brighton moment, captured.

I took the photos below at the Brighton Museum. I thought…

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